Benefits Of Maini Aluminium Formworks System You Must Know

Late in 2008, Ajay Maini Group launched Maini Aluminium Formwork System (MAFS) in the market. It established itself as the only Indian firm capable of providing a comprehensive end-to-end service in the field of aluminum formwork.

MAFS provides an aluminum formwork construction technology that is successfully applied to the formation of cast-in-place reinforced concrete buildings. Aluminum Formwork is a method for coordinating and controlling construction work, including steel reinforcement, concrete installation, and mechanical and electrical ducts.

Necessity of Maini Aluminum Formwork System

In today’s world, construction needs to keep up with the demands of rapid urbanization. The need for constructing houses has increased significantly and fulfilling those needs on time with traditional methods is not possible anymore. The construction building needs to deploy faster formwork systems as the conventional formwork system is a very slow process.

It is also important to ensure that quality is not compromised and a systemic approach is adopted. This is where the Maini Aluminum Formwork System comes in. It is the right formwork system for Indian conditions as mass housing constructions can be taken up without compromising the quality.

How is Maini Aluminum Formwork better than conventional formwork systems?

Using Ajay Maini’s aluminum formwork solutions, all building components, including sidewalls, floor slabs, columns & beams, staircases, window hoods, balconies, and numerous ornamental elements, may be cast in a single operation, precisely according to the architect’s design.

The system is efficient, straightforward, and cost-effective. It is remarkable in that it forms all of the concrete in a structure, including the precise dimensions of the concrete work, which results in uniform door and window fittings. Maini Aluminum Formwork System boosts productivity and generates a structure that is incredibly sturdy and has a beautiful concrete finish.

Aluminum Formwork produces concrete forms and finishes that are uniform from floor to floor. This enables the prefabrication of all fittings, such as electrical and plumbing, with the assurance that they will fit precisely when assembled.

The Formwork System of aluminum forms may be constructed by unskilled labor without the requirement for lifting cranes, unlike other construction systems. The heaviest panel weighs less than 30 kg, making it feasible for a single worker. Additionally, door and window apertures are incorporated. The construction is robust and its measurements are precise, resulting in a high-quality surface finish that requires minimal polishing.

With an average construction cycle of 4-5 days per level, the MAFS System Formwork may significantly accelerate construction.

Let’s look at the benefits in detail:

  1. Reusable

Maini Aluminum Formwork System uses aluminum alloy profiles by the extrusion process as raw materials, a set of formwork specifications can be used for over 300-500 times. It is not only durable but reusable too. It can be used on multiple projects.

  1. Convenient Construction

Formwork made of aluminum alloy is easy to assemble and has a number of practical advantages; its typical weight is 23–24 kg/m2. It is possible to finish the assembling process manually without the aid of any machinery. (In most cases, the assembly and removal on construction sites just need a spanner or a small hammer to do its job.) 20–30 square meters per day can be installed easily by an installation worker (compared with wooden formworks, aluminum formworks do not need the technicians.) Construction workers can go through a simple training to learn the installation process.

  1. Flexible

Aluminum alloy construction formwork comes in various standard sizes and can be put together in different ways depending on what each project needed. When the formwork is used for another project, only 10–15% of non-standard boards need to be replaced. This cuts costs.

  1. Convenient Support System

Traditional methods of building formwork, such as floors and platforms, usually require full framing, which is more expensive. On the other hand, the aluminum template has fewer support bars (1350 mm between each independent support), which gives workers more room to work and makes it easier to move materials around the site.

  1. Time Saving

The aluminum alloy formwork system is easy to put together and take apart. This cuts down on the time it takes to build something and saves money on administrative costs. In a standard construction, one set of formwork can build one floor every four days.

  1. Reduced On-Site Garbage/Wastage

All of the parts of aluminum alloy formwork can be used again, and when the formwork is taken down, there is no trash left behind. This keeps the construction site safe, clean, and organized.

  1. Stability and High Load Capacity

Aluminum Alloy Plate is used to put together all of the parts of Aluminum Alloy Formwork. Once the system is put together, it will make a full frame that is very stable and provides good resistance to natural disasters like earthquakes.

Let’s look at how an aluminum formwork system is set up:

  1. Set Up The Wall Reinforcing Steel

The first step is to set up the wall reinforcing steel as this will be used to form the shape of the building. It gives support to the concrete till it reaches 50% of the designed strength. This steel comes pre-casted so it can be easily used in the construction site.

  1. Placing Formwork

Aluminum Formwork is ready-made, it is made in the factory according to the desired customisations. It is easy to assemble and dismantle once the job is done.

  1. Pouring Concrete

After the formwork is set up in the site, concrete is poured to create the shape. Once the concrete solidifies and gets the required strength. The formwork now can be dismantled. The construction is also very accurate.

The article looked at the necessity of the aluminum formwork system and its benefits. Maini Aluminum Formwork System offers the best solution for your construction needs. Check them out right now.