Technical Support

The essence of MAINI Aluminium formwork technology is that it provides a production line approach in the construction industry by simplifying and streamlining the complex construction process.

Scheduling involves the design and development of the work cycle required to maximise efficiency in the field. The establishment of a daily cycle of work, when fully coordinated with different trades such as reinforcing steel fixing and mechanical services cerates a highly efficient working schedule, not just for the formwork but for all parallel trades and building material supply chains.

Experienced MAFS site supervisors are sent to the site to train the supervisory staff and labour in the proper handling of the equipment and to assist in getting started and establishing the desired work cycle.

This improved coordination and construction management enables the equipment to be cycled at optimum speed and ensures that the results in terms of system efficiency and speed of output are outstanding. The speed of construction mainly depends upon the economy required and the construction period of the project. Various work cycles are achievable, however the 6-day cycle is most preferred.