MAINI Software is a special in-house designed software which provides a 3D platform for working. MAINI software is the perfect solutions for fast, professional planning of MAINI formwork & scaffolding systems.

From a simple basement to a complicated industrial building, from wall & slab formwork to platform systems & scaffolding – the most diverse problems are solved with MAINI software.

MAINI programs are continually adjusted to suit the product development & are also used by MAINI sales and design engineers. This ensures that the systems and their guidelines are always up-to date.

Precise item lists ensure that costs arise only for material volumes you actually need. Formwork material is scheduled correctly for the project and is deployed and operated at full capacity as far as possible.

Complicated areas are recognized and already dealt with in the planning phase. The construction site is supplied with the material it actually needs and this optimizes logistical expenditure. Simple plans lead to notable time savings. Each component, without detour, joins directly to the right position.

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