6 Things Which Make Us A Leading Name In Scaffolding & Formworks Solutions

Ajay Maini Group has a highly skilled research and development (R&D) team and has been finishing many high-profile projects over the last 35 years in which customer needs and functional requirements are met in a very professional way.

Maini Aluminum Formwork System (MAFS) was started by Ajay Maini Group in April 2008. Aluminum Formwork is a method for coordinating and controlling construction work, including steel reinforcement, concrete installation, and mechanical and electrical ducts.

At the moment, Maini Aluminum Formwork is being used and done under the supervision of experienced engineers and technicians at more than 100 sites that are already up and running or are in the process of being built. It established itself as the only Indian firm capable of providing a comprehensive end-to-end service in the field of aluminum formwork. The Ajay Maini Group has established itself as one of the top producers of building formwork. Not just aluminum formwork, Ajay Maini group has created a name for itself in the scaffolding industry too.

Let’s look at 6 things which makes Ajay Maini Group a leading name in scaffolding & formwork solutions:

Safety and training is their priority

The best way to make sure that formworks are used safely is to have someone in charge of them while they are being set up. Supervisors must make sure that formwork is built exactly how it was designed to be built, following a safe erection process so that no workers are overloaded at any point of time.

Supervisors, at Ajay Maini Group, always check carefully to see if the right things have been put in place and if the formworks have been set up and put together according to the approved drawings. Handling formwork products can lead to a lot of accidents, especially when employees, primarily those who are young or haven’t done it before, use dangerous machines and tools or move heavy or awkward materials without the right training. No one who hasn’t been trained in how to use handling and storage systems should use them. In the law, “use” means “activity (involving work equipment) and includes starting, stopping, programming, setting, transporting, repairing, modifying, maintaining, servicing, and a lot of what makes employees safe is having the right information, instructions, training, and supervision.”

Staff must be told about and trained on any risks to their health or safety of others that come from their work. This way, they can take the steps needed to control them.

In Ajay Maini Group, they are told about the safe ways to work. They are supervised to make sure they adhere to the directions and training they’ve been given. The staff also takes part in the system for managing health and safety and makes decisions about it.

Making design-friendly and easy to use systems

After doing a lot of work with customized steel formwork for infrastructure projects, Ajay Maini Group came out with Aluminum Formwork in 2008. Aluminum Formwork is a project-specific formwork system where the layout changes for each project. Since then, Ajay Maini Group has been designing and supplying Aluminum Formworks to the leading builders, developers, and contractors in the country.

Today, Maini Aluminum Formwork System (MAFS) has shown that it is one of the most design-friendly, easy-to-use, and highly recommended formwork systems in the country.

One-stop shop for construction needs

After the huge success of Aluminum Formwork, Ajay Maini Group added Aluminum Decking System, Wall Formwork System, Table Formwork, and Adjustable Column System at the beginning of 2013. This made them a one-stop shop for all formworks needs.

Ajay Maini Group also specializes in steel access scaffolding, steel formwork and centering, steel wall form and hardware, steel scaffolding for industrial maintenance and boiler maintenance, and special shuttering for silos and chimneys.

Comprehensive site-checking

Ajay Maini Group of Companies, as a complete formwork company, adds to the value chain by sending a team of skilled technical supervisors to their customers’ sites to help out. Checking the site to see how it is, taking a look at things is very important. Additionally, daily lessons are provided to workers on site. All the work is executed under supervision to ensure the deadlines are met and quality is never compromised.

Providing cost effective solutions

The system is efficient, straightforward, and cost-effective. It is remarkable in that it forms all of the concrete in a structure, including the precise dimensions of the concrete work, which results in uniform door and window fittings. The Maini Aluminum Formwork System boosts productivity and generates a structure that is incredibly sturdy and has a beautiful concrete finish.

Maini Aluminum Formwork System produces concrete forms and finishes that are uniform from floor to floor. This enables the prefabrication of all fittings, such as electrical and plumbing, with the assurance that they will fit precisely when assembled. The Aluminum Formwork System forms may be constructed by unskilled labor without the requirement for lifting cranes, unlike other construction systems. The heaviest panel weighs less than 30 kg, making it feasible for a single worker. Additionally, door and window apertures are incorporated. The construction is robust and its measurements are precise, resulting in a high-quality surface finish that requires minimal polishing.

Trained Research and Development facility

The company has a dedicated research and development facility that is constantly coming up with innovative solutions and well-equipped infrastructure ideas for quality production. International standards in manufacturing are followed to produce efficient solutions. The solutions are customized according to the client’s needs and within the set deadlines.

Ajay Maini Group has been consistently providing the best solutions in the construction industry. It is reliable, efficient and cost-effective, as proven by its track record. It provides customer-centric offerings. Enquire with them now to get the right scaffolding and formwork solutions.