maini table form

Table Formwork is a large pre-assembled formwork and falsework unit, often forming a complete bay of suspended floor slab. It offers mobility and quick installation for construction projects with regular plan layouts or long repetitive structures, so is highly suitable for flat slab, and beam and slabs layouts. It is routinely used for: Residential flats, Hotels, Hostels, Offices, Commercial buildings.

Product Overview

Table Formwork can easily be adapted to fit any layout, simply by telescoping the H20 beams.
The materials planning work is done by slide-rule, which appreciably reduces the costs of planning and operations scheduling.
– no structural-design work is needed, shows you the maximum spacings for all slab up to 30 cm thick.
– you can tell at a glance whether the formwork has been set up correctly

Further advantages:
– infill zones are managed within the system, making it easy to accommodate walls and columns.
– for shoring heights of up to 5.50 m
– any type or form-facing can be used
– no need to measure up

System Overview

Small number of system components– all perfectly co-ordinated
– Plywood sheet.
– MAINI beams H20 3.90m.
– pre-defined positioning points, as reference marks for setting-up and checking the formwork.
– Lowering head H20.
– integrated quick-lowering function for minimising damage when striking.
– stabilises the primary beams so that these can not tip over on the sides.
– Supporting head H20.
– easy to mount to the floor prop.
– for securing intermediate props to the H20 beam.
– MAINI props.
– high load-bearing capacity.
– numbered pegging holes, for easier height adjustment.
– special thread geometry, for easier releasing even under high load.
– elbowed fastening clamps, for easier operating and reducing injuries.
– Removable folding tripod.
– for holding floor props upright.
– swing-out legs allow flexible placement in constricted situations such as along edges and in corners.

Vertical Shifting

Example with MAINI Table Lifter & Trolley
– Position the shifting trolley under the middle of the table .
– Lower the table
– Wheel the table of the pick-up location.
– Set the table down.
– Wheel out the shifting trolley (next table can now be made ready forshifting)
– Pick up the table Lifter.
– Minimum length of chains: 5m.
– Lift the table out, and up to next storey.


– Fast construction for large floor layouts.
– Fully assembled units can be manoeuvred quickly into place.
– Using appropriate quality control, high quality surface finishes can be achieved.
– Reduced long-term workforce requirement on site.
– The need for infill areas and decking joints is minimised.
– Individual components of the formwork system can be precisely adjusted.
– Repetitive nature of the work makes it easier to plan construction activities.


– Decking with non-slip surfaces can be used to enhance safety.
– Interconnected truss members provide a stable working platform.
– Repetitive nature of work ensures quick familiarity of safety procedures.
– Falsework units can be assembled at ground level minimising work at height.
– Table formwork systems can include standard health and safety features such as guard rails.

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