MAINI Metriforms & Dropheads

Metriform / Quick Form is the leading formwork system for the construction of concrete floors and walls. Minimal assembly and dismantling time coupled with a limited number of components highlight quick form as today’s most cost-effective system.
Metriform incorporate the advantages of early striking (enabling early removal of formwork beams and panels while R.C.C. slab remains supported on props with drop-heads) which will dramatically increase output, whilst employing labour more efficiently. Metriform system can be used with props for concreting of slabs at ordinary heights, or with quiklok scaffolding for greater heights.
Minimal assemble and dismantling time coupled with advantage of early striking (Early removal of formwork with slab remaining supported on props with drop heads) makes Metriform/Quick form as today’s most cost effective system. This gives dramatic results in increasing output and saving time & labour.

Metriforms & Dropheads

Metriform Beams with dropheads can be used with props for ordinary heights or with Quiklok Scaffolding system for greater heights of slab. Different sizes of Metriform beams makes this system suitable for different sizes of grids and use of special Metriform beams can allow early striking of even beam bottom formwork.

Components of Metriforms system manufactured by MAINI
– Metriform beams of sizes 1.2 m, 1.8 m and 2.5 m.
– Drophead for 38 / 70 mm deep Metriform Beam.
– Universal panels 38 mm /70 mm deep made out of 2 mm (14.g.) sheet with pressed flanges and stiffener of sizes 1155 x 600 m, 1150x 300 mm, 900x 600mm and 900×300 mm.
– Adjuster Panels 38 mm or 70 mm deep made of 2 mm (14.g) sheet with pressed flange of sizes 1150×400
mm, 900×400 mm and 600 x 400 mm.

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