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Our Complete Range of Products, Enabling Construction of the Most Innovative Buildings

Ajay Maini Group has a highly skilled research and development (R&D) team and has finished many high-profile projects in which customer needs and functional requirements were met in a very professional way. This article will look at the diverse range of products provided by Ajay Maini Group.

Maini Aluminum Formwork System
MAFS offers an aluminum formwork construction system that has been made and used successfully to build cast-in-place strengthened concrete structures. Aluminum Formwork system helps in organizing and controlling construction work like steel reinforcement, putting down concrete, and running mechanical and electrical wires.

The Maini Aluminium Formwork System saves time and makes a structure that is very strong and has a great concrete finish. With aluminum formwork, concrete shapes and finishes are uniform from floor to floor. This allows all fittings, like electrical and plumbing, to be made ahead of time, knowing they will fit perfectly when put together.

Unlike other building systems, the Formwork System of aluminum forms can be put up by people who don’t have any special training and without the use of cranes. The biggest panel doesn’t weigh more than 30 kg, so a single worker can move it. With an average construction cycle of 4-5 days per floor, MAFS System Formwork can speed up the building process by a lot.

Mani Cuplock Scaffolding
Cuplock is a fast, flexible, and well-designed scaffolding system that can be used for building, tearing down, and maintaining projects all over the world.

Let’s look at some of the features of cuplock scaffolding

Quick fastening of ledgers, with a firm clamping action from the top cup, four ledgers can be joined together at once.
Quick assembly and disassembly saves both time and work.
Useful for building, demolition, and maintenance of any kind of structure, whether it’s straight or curved.
Easy to put together and has no loose parts
Easy to take care of, safety that has been tried and tested.
Mani Table Form
Mani Table Formwork is a large unit of formwork and falsework that has already been put together. It is often used to make a whole bay of suspended floor slab. It can be moved easily and set up quickly for construction projects with regular plan layouts or long structures that are built over and over again. This makes it a good choice for flat slab and beam and slab layouts. It is often used for apartments, hotels, hostels, offices, and businesses.

Mani Decking System
With the Maini Decking Drophead System, striking can be done after only one day (depending on the slab thickness and strength of the concrete). With a hammer blow, the drophead is released, and the formwork drops 60 mm (panels and main beams).

Maini Column Formwork
MAINI column system is a column formwork that can be folded and moved. It has an access platform, built-in ladders, and safety cages that meet the highest safety standards. The column formwork is put together like a windmill from four identical panels that are connected by joints. It can be used with or without triangular strips to make edges that are either sharp or perfectly rounded. Adding 24″ (60 cm) or 3′-11″ (120 cm) high extension panels to the bottom of 8′-10″ (270 cm) or 11′-10″ (360 cm) high standard panels can add 12″ (30 cm) to the height. So, the access platform and ladder don’t have to be put together and taken apart over and over again. After being attached, all accessories stay where they are.

Maini Wall Formwork
With standard and custom-sized modules and a high-quality fair-faced concrete finish, the MAINI Wall formwork system can be used to build straight or curved walls. MAINI Walls have a mixed support structure made up of wooden beams (HT-20) and steel profiles, as well as a plywood board formwork surface.

Regarding the panel systems with metal frames, MAINI Walls makes sure that the joints between the panels are almost invisible because they are both made of plywood board.

Scaffold Tubes & Coupler Fittings
Tubes and fittings are often used to support people, materials, tools, and tackies during construction, remodelling, demolition, and maintenance work. This is because tubes and fittings have many advantages over traditional wood or bamboo scaffolding.

Some of the features are

Ease and speed in setting up and taking down.
Options for multiple and different uses (life and flexibility in use).
Rigidity, stability, and maintenance.
Ease and speed in setting up and taking down.
MCE makes a full range of components for tubes and fittings scaffolding that are strong, safe, long-lasting, and affordable.

Maini Rebar Couplers

MAINI Standard rebar couplers are made to join two bars of the same diameter where one bar is free to move and can be turned.

Some of the features are:

The unique self-aligning taper-threaded design gives the structure continuity and strength.
The strength of spliced bars is the same as that of continuous lengths of reinforcing steel bars in tension, compression, and stress reversal applications.
Built to withstand explosions caused by humans and other seismic events
Quick and simple to set up
Tensile strength is higher than with lap splicing.
Gives full load transfer with the thinnest and shortest coupler possible
Maini Ringlock System
Ringlock scaffolding, which is also called Modular Scaffolding and Multidirectional Scaffolding, has a junction that makes it easy and quick to connect load-bearing parts and parts that need to be strengthened to each other. Every 50 cm, flat discs are welded to the standards or verticals. Ledgers/transoms and braces are connected to these discs with a system of casted heads and wedges

Ringlock system scaffolds are good for birdcage scaffolding or other special constructions where a wider range of options and larger capacities are needed.

Ring System Scaffolding is a modular scaffold system that can be used for all kinds of access and support structures in the building and construction industries, ship building, offshore construction, and industrial maintenance. Ringlock scaffolding has fewer parts and is easy and quick to put together. Use a high-quality tube that is resistant to damage.

The Ringlock scaffolding system is a heavy-duty design with a unique look. There is a logical way to put things together with just pipe and wedge locks. The Ring System doesn’t have any loose parts that can get lost or need to be fixed. All of the parts have a finish of Hot Dipped Galvanized. It can be used as a church tower, a support for a bridge, in a tunnel, a power plant, or in some other industry. Installation takes less time and costs less money, right angles can be added, and the height can be set ahead of time.Ajay Maini Group provides some of the best construction solutions in the country. Enquire with them for your construction needs.

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