MAINI Cuplock Scaffolding

Single node action of unique locking makes ‘cuplock’ a fast, versatile & optimised system of scaffolding for constrcution, demolotion and maintainance projects throughout the world. Highlights of Cuplock System manufactured by MAINI Group. Quick fastening of Ledgers, Four Ledgers can be fasten at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the join rigid. Quick erection and dismantling results in time and labour saving Versatile use in construction, demolition and maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved Easy erection with no loose components, Low maintenance, Safety with proven track record.

Cuplock Standard (Vertical)

Sizes Available

Made out of 40mm, N.B. ‘M’ or ‘H’ Tubes confirming to I.S. 1161/I.S. 1239 grade – YST 210/240 with provision of cups at 500mm / 1000.. c/c
Welded bottom cups are pressed from high quality steel and captive mobile top cups out of malleable casting provide firm frip to ledger Blades making the connecton rigid and to endure rough site handling.

Cuplock Ledger (Horizontal)

Sizes Available
Made out of 40mm, N.B. ‘M’ or ‘H’ Tubes confirming to I.S. 1161/I.S. 1239 grade – YST 210/240 with forged blades at the ends. Ledgers manufactured by MCE are of the sizes as mentioned below. Basic futures of Cuplock Ledgers are: Minimum projection of blades avoid damages in handling and uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

Cuplock Omega Hop-up Brackets

Omega Hop-up Brackets are specially designed Omega sections for placing battens with provision of forged blades to be fitted with Cuplock Standards by cup joint. Omega Hop-up Brackets are available for single board, two board and three board allocations.

Cuplock Omega Transoms

Omega Transoms manufactured from press bent section or angle joint back to back with flange type extensions on both sides provides a strong support for working platform with steel battens.

Sizes Available
0.9m 1.25m
1.8m 2.5m

Steel Battens

Steel Battens are light weight non-slip working surface, which can be used with Omega Transoms.
Sizes Available
2.5m x 0.23m1.8m x 0.23m
1.25m x 0.23m 

Fixed Base Plate

Fixed Based Plates manufactured by MCE are made out of 150x150x6 mm or 150x150x5mm flat, Pipes / Pins are welded for accepting vertical members. Passign through a strict quality control procedures these plates have plain surface to transfer load ground uniformly.

Adjustable Stirrup / Fork Head

Made out of M.S. Bar for 32mm or 36mm dia, Rolled Threading with adjustment of 225mm, 350mm or 450mm. These Stirrups / forkhead are used to accept steel or timber runner at top. These are also available with Rolled Threading in Hollow Tubes.

Adjustable Base Plate

Made out of 150x150x6 mm or 150x150x5mm flat 7 M.S> Bar for 32mm or 36mm dia. Rolled Threading with adjustment of 225mm or 350mm or 450mm. These base plates give stability to scaffolding with desired adjustment at the base. These are also available with Rolled Threading in Hollow Tubes.


Made out of 300/250 mm long round tube. Spigots are used for connecting Cuplock Standrads vertically.

Cantilever Frame

This item is used for providing support to decking or form work at edges. This frame has ledger blades to be fitted into cups of cuplock standards at one end & with provision for accepting jacks in three position at the other end at 1.2m, 1.25m and 1.3m from center line of the standard.

Beam Support Brackets

Beam Brackets are used to provide support to beam formwork from slab support standards with provision for accepting jacks or fork heads.


These Staircases can be used at the project site with ease. Each flight covers 1.50M height and can be easily fitted to the Frame of Cuplok with the help of Hooks and Couplers which are rigidly welded with the Stair Assembly. These Stairs can be used for different heights by adding Cuplok Frame with suitable Bracings.

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