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main aluminum formwork system
By using aluminium formwork system all walls , columns, beams , slab can be casted in a single monolith casting. this cost effective method is very fast in speed and gives solid structures high quality finish of concrete and good dimensions with higher tolerance.

MAINI Cuplock Scaffolding system
Single node action of unique locking makes ‘cuplock’ a fast, versatile & optimised system of scaffolding for constrcution, demolotion and maintainance projects throughout the world. Highlights of Cuplock System manufactured by MAINI Group.

maini table formwork system
Table Formwork is a large pre-assembled formwork and falsework unit, often forming a complete bay of suspended floor slab. It offers mobility and quick installation for construction projects with regular plan layouts or long repetitive structures.....

maini decking system
With the MAINI decking drophead system, striking can be carried out after only one day (depending on the slab thickness and strength of the concrete). The drophead is released with a hammer blow which causes the formwork to drop 60 mm (panels and main beams).

maini colomn formwok system
MAINI column system is a foldable and movable column formwork with access platform, integrated ladders and safety cages, and it complies with the highest safety standards. The column formwork consists of four identical panels with articulated links

maini wall formwork system
MAINI Wall formwork system for straight and curved walls with standard and special size modules and with high quality fair-faced concrete finish.

maini quickwedge scaffolding system
Quickwedge Standards / Verticals form the support and are made from Standard Scaffold Tubes of 48.3 x 4 mm thick. With the latest innovations, they are also available in 48.3 x 3.25mm in both grade 50 & 40 C as per BS: 4360.

h frames and aps unit system
Consists of wlded frames, with 48.3mm OD verticals, braced together with scissor type cross braces secured by spring clips, Bracing is provided in alternative bays for scaffold heights upto 20mm and in all bays for greater heights.

maini rebar couplers system
Lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting rebar. The use of MAINI Reinforcing Bar Couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required. 

maini scaffold tubes and coupler fittings
Tubes and fittings are widely used for supporting man and materials, tools and tackies during construction, alteration, demolition and maintenance works because of their several advantages over conventional type of timber/bamboo scaffolding.

MAINI Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has a proven track record of manufacturing and supplying quality products like scaffolding equipments, maini scaffolding, conventional scaffold, scaffolding parts and Formwork system in time all over India.

maini metriforms and dropheads
Metriform / Quick Form is the leading formwork system for the construction of concrete floors and walls. Minimal assembly and dismantling time coupled with a limited number of components highlight quick form as today’s most cost-effective system.

maini car parking system
MAINI Group has been into the construction equipment sector for last two decades & the belief of our customers has helped us to grow & given the confidence to launch innovative systems.

maini ring lock system
Ringlock scaffolding, also called Modular Scaffolding and Multidirectional Scaffolding, the junction enables quick and easy connection of load bearing items as well as reinforcing parts to each other with an enormous rigidity.

maini miscellaneous accessories
The range miscellaneous accessories include several useful items used in civil construction industry. Our accessories have been proven of supreme quality with rare combination of attributes. The prospects/existing clients can contact us for more information about our products.

maini miscellaneous accessories
Ladder type cable trays are used for heavy duty power distribution. These trays are manufactured using top quality material and are available in various sizes; we also offer customized solution for all requirements.

maini miscellaneous accessories
Solar power production is an ever growing industry in India and considering the demand for new power resources of energy increasing with the growing population, Maini Construction Equipments pvt ltd has providing solar structure service with (Design , Manufacturing & Supply.

maini miscellaneous accessories
MAINI is into power transmission & Distribution (T&D) Sector. Transmission Towers is the different vertical of the company. We manufacture entire range of transmission towers used upto 765 KV used in power & Distribution having manufacturing facility of 100000MT per annum under one roof UPTO 765KV our Manufacturing process involve punching, Cutting & Stamping, Notching , Welding, Drilling, Bending and Hot Dip Galvanizing . With certificate under…….

maini miscellaneous accessories
We have a Strong design team supported by structural consultant to meet the specific requirement of our customer. We have computerized design facility for floor shop drawing, so we can analyze and verify the performance of the tower during manufacturing process. We manufacture tower according to the need of customer, so that design meets the parameters:

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